Children’s Media Festival

Get your kids along!

Children’s Media Festival

10 November 2017

As we gear up for another Children’s Day, you’re invited to a special weekend in which we examine, and see a wide range of children’s media. Come – and bring the child in you – and with you! 


November 10

Screening the Screen: How to separate good from bad in an avalanche of children’s media


The Swaddle and Godrej India Culture Lab present an enticing panel discussion with pediatric specialists and children’s media experts weighing in on making smart media choices for a digital generation. The discussion will include parenting in this age of unprecedented youth exposure to media, distinguishing the difference between helpful and ineffective media programing, and the impact of unfettered digital media consumption on children. The panel discussion will be followed by a reception.

November 11

Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya
11 AM – 1 PM
Hindi with English subtitles

Two blundering yet lovable musician protagonists meet ghosts, obtain boons, avert, wars, marry princesses and help the common people live happily ever after.

1 PM – 2 PM


Award-winning short children’s films from Canada
2 PM – 3.30 PM

Snack break
3.30 PM – 4 PM

Ottaal (The Trap)
4 PM to 6 PM
Malyalam with English subtitles

An adaptation of Anton Chekhov's Vanka, the film follows Kuttappayi, a young boy, whose recollections of his childhood take the viewer to Kuttanad, a stunningly beautiful village. However, what brings him there is the death of his parents.


Children’s Media Festival

10 November 2017

Please register separately for each attendee. We regret that children below the age of 13 are not permitted for our events.

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