Unite and Rule: The future of performance poetry in India

Nitika Khaitan

5 August 2015

“I’m 65 and I’ve never heard rap before,” an audience member said, addressing the South Dandies Swaraj, a Tamil and English rap crew during the Q&A session after their performance. “But I loved your act and you guys reminded me of Gemini Ganeshan [the yesteryear Tamil film star].” The event was called Me Versus Them: How Mumbai’s Performance Poets Are Breaking Boundaries & Changing Society – a culmination of my summer research on performance poetry in Mumbai with Godrej India Culture Lab, an experimental space that looks to break silos within culture, and serves as a catalyst for conversations around contemporary modern India.

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The Extraordinary Trip of the Amazing Doctor Henry Jenkins

Team Culture Lab

15 July 2015

Dr. Henry Jenkins is one of the coolest professors we have met at the Lab. The current Provost professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts at USC turned his lifelong passion of following popular culture into legitimate intellectual discourse. His canonical work on fan culture is used by anyone who is interested in participatory culture today. His work on covergence culture has been perfectly timed for our changing media climate. Read about all the amazing things he has done and he is currently doing here.

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Nisaba Godrej's message on International Day Against Homophobia

Nisaba Godrej

18 May 2015

On May 17, we received an email from Nisaba Godrej, Executive Director, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd., addressed to Godrej employees. It's an inspiring note that reiterates our company's ideal in being an inclusive workspace. We wanted to share this with you all. Hope you're as charged up after reading it as we were. Here's the text of the email:   

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Anamika Chakravorty

24 April 2015

A very salient question, especially for nomadic types like me. It feels that "home," in some ways, is that imaginary place colored by nostalgia and memories real and imagined, of where you felt safe and carefree as a child.

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The light at the end of the tunnel

Udayan Dhar

23 March 2015

This Thursday even as I was watching Frieda Mock’s stunning documentary Anita (2013) at the Culture Lab, my mind could not but wander back to the disturbing, yet beautifully crafted Indian film Bawandar (2000).

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Nadir Godrej

31 January 2015

Mr. Nadir Godrej made a speech at the Rotary Club District Conference at the NSCI Stadium in Mumbai, in verse, about our Culture Lab! Here it is:

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Parmesh Shahani

30 December 2014

A small blog post to express a big thank you to all our collaborators, supporters and attendees, who have made the past year such a special one for the Lab.

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A Way To Blue

Aditi Singh

27 February 2014

 For my on site installation at the Godrej India Culture Lab's Museum of Memories, I decided to string together and layer two drawings using an open window as a natural light box. The idea was to call to attention the ephemerality of materials and space. In this instance, the 3 foot paper, as well as the 60,000 sq ft warehouse. 

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